Monday, July 6, 2009

The Bad Cell

Out of some trillion cells in the body one itsy bitsy cell 'decided' to go bad and start multiplying like crazy. One tiny cell is all it took to advocate this disease. It's amazing all the systems and technology that can be controlled or created in this day in age but nothing can prevent something so small from forming and sometimes becoming so catastrophic. In order to destroy this enemy that has crept up in the very bones that sustain us chemotherapy has to extinguish many healthy cells. Like the works of shaytaan using evil to create excessive division among us he also has used excessive division to create something evil. Allowing this one cell to control the rest of our lives on how we deal with this challenge is up to us. The doctor said, "It has to get worse before it gets better." Maybe the symptoms, yes, but not our spirit...something that no germ or disease can attack without our will. An unnatural phenomena is leaving Yousuf, his mother and father with astounding side effects of strength, unity and reliance on Allah. In the end, the bad cell has produced more good than evil.


  1. Hi Leslie,
    A very positive post. You're a very eloquent writer.I spoke with your mom this morning. I am so happy to have your mom in my life. And I'm sure you are too! ;)
    Kisses to Yousuf.
    -Shannon in Austin

  2. Thanks, It's nice meeting you...hopefully next time I make it to Austin I can meet you in person. :) Thanks for the idea of becoming a blogger!:)

  3. You may not remember but you did meet me. At that Jungle Java place when it was super crowded and I was going insane. Remember now? ;) Your mom brought you there.

  4. Were you the one who left right away or the one that actually stayed :)