Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 15:Allergic Reaction

Not even a brand new Sponge Bob T-shirt and Thomas the Train doodle pad can make this little guy happy on our trip to the clinic for his usual torturing procedures. The child life specialist came with the greatest idea that STARTED to make Yousuf relax. A doll with a PICC line, just like his that he "pretend flushes" his lumens with medicine just like we do for him everyday. He was LOVING it. His platelets were low today so they were transfusing him some platelets and then after that some more red blood. In the middle of his platelet transfusions, while enjoying himself with his new 'sick' doll like him, he started screaming frantically about his eyes itching. I called the nurse and immediately interrupted the transfusion..though was already 85% transfused. For the first time in my life (and insha'allah this last) I experienced a baby with an allergic reaction. Yousuf's tiny delicate features become apparent with the swelling and redness. He was coughing nonstop and pulling off his socks and shoes to scratch. Deep breath. Pumped full of benodryl, steroids, and Tylenol Yousuf calmed down...a bit grouchier than before but less intense itching and swelling. Abu Yousuf's decision to grab coffee at the perfect time suddenly became the worst time. His reaction was much calmer than mine knowing the drill, of course, from his other son who experiences severe allergies.

We have to wait the rest of the day to monitor him. Day 15 will have to wait until Day 16 or 17.

The doctor explained that the allergic reaction in unknown for sure. Sometimes certain donors don't 'agree' well with the person's body....obviously. Could be the donor's diet, we don't know. They drew extra blood to try to find the cause, but they said they find it unlikely to be able to know for sure. What we DO know is that from now on Yousuf has to be pre-medded before any other blood transfusion..which means more medicine to force feed which means more tantrums. Yay! We were one of the last ones to leave the clinic today. It was strange seeing it deserted like that. From 8:47am until after 6pm we were sitting in waiting rooms and taking turns going to the 3rd floor to grab food, snacks or pray in the chapel. Of course I take strolls through the gift shop..only looking so far. Next appointment will be Friday to check his bone marrow. Insha'Allah everything will go smoothly this time. Omar has been the best entertainment so far!


  1. la hawla wa la quwata illa billah. May Allah make you patient...and not let you suffer from a heart attack from all these emergencies! wow. remember Allah tests those he loves the most!

  2. Poor baby. Give him love and hugs from Nana.

  3. Hi Leslie. Good that he has the doll. Sad about allergic reaction. Poor child. (I mean that most sincerely)
    When I read that you and him were there ALL. DAY. ugh. I know that was hard for you. I hope he rests well tonight.

    -Shannon in Austin

  4. You would never have thought just a short month ago that your son's favorite toy would soon be a sick doll with a pick line. Subhanallah. It is so intersting why some blood that is supposedly a match can cause such an allergic reaction. I guess you are going to be learning so much in this process, but I pray that Allah makes it easier.

  5. Awww poor thing getting an allergic reaction.......I am always nervous when Sumayah is transfused and try not to leave her alone, because of fear of reaction. Sometimes she can be very grumpy after a blood transfusion and I tell her, 'You've got an angry persons blood transfused in you.'(lol)

    May Allah make it easy for Yousuf.

    Umm Ibraheem