Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lawyer Business

Patrick had called me back to meet with him and a couple other lawyers. I started to get excited thinking that was great news…and it could be. I entered today’s meeting with mixed feelings. After I had done some research on my own I realized that a lady had fought against an incinerator being placed upon the site in order to rid the chemicals that way. The lady raised the issue to protect our air, of course. After having it approved and spending 2.5 million dollars to place part of the incinerator on the land it was never done due to opposition from residents. I can’t even imagine that they approved such a thing. They ended up burying the contamination under 45 feet of clay. In 2010 it leaked but not causing an “IMMEDIATE threat”. Nice.

When I asked someone if they would allow the lawyer to contact them they said they could not help since they signed a waiver, like everyone else in this neighborhood, saying that they would not sue Lennar for any property damage or anything regarding the Brio Site. According to what I’ve heard from home owners they were open and clear regarding the Brio Site. One person checked with the EPA to ensure it was actually safe to live in this area. Well, after learning about them lowering the bar on the standards of what is considered safe for us I can’t help but not trust anyone now. I knew that whatever had to be done by a lawyer had to be deep and would take its risks.

Today’s meeting was informative. We met with Patrick and one other lawyer who works mostly on leukemia cases. Afterwards, I’m really wondering why he came in the first place. He asked a few questions and explained why our case was so difficult. When Brio Site was going on people were getting paid. A lot. Some people even would race to get a home during the litigation to turn around try to get part of the money. It wasn’t just a clean cut case. It was a mess, he said. For the subject to open up again they would probably pay a lot of expensive lawyers to stop this from happening. They want to keep a cap on it before more cases start cropping up again costing them even more money. Which means for us more investigation and deeper understanding of Brio…and more money. The lawyer said he would be happy to do that but eventually he wouldn’t have a place to live. So the saying “money talks” is applied this case, unfortunately. Keith, the “leukemia lawyer” said he wanted to come talk with us today but will not have any part in this case. He, of course said this after telling us he believes this is why our son got cancer. I almost cried but hid it rather well. Patrick said he has worked with some lawyers for a long time who turned out to be lawyers who were directly involved in the Brio Site case. He will be contacting them to see if they could be of any help.

My new mission is to find a home far away from this place.

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