Thursday, April 14, 2011

Erin Brochovich ll

I’m used to being second, I guess….second child, second wife and now Erin Brochovich the second. I wish to achieve similar successes as her. I met with the lawyer yesterday and it went pretty well. As we were walking to his office I was nervous but became comfortable as soon as he entered the room. The excitement on what he was about to say was all I had left in my body.

Basically, he was saying that he will be investigating the Brio Superfund Site, try and figure out what chemicals were disposed of there and if they are linked to the type of Leukemia Yousuf has. By May 13th he will decide if he will take the case, but we are free to get another lawyer during that time. Meanwhile, I need to be gathering as much information on the neighbors that were stripping up carpets and replacing it with hard floors to rid their child’s chronic coughing. I need to gather medical records on my kids chronic coughing and Omar’s rare genetic disorder. I will be busy and obsessed about this until we reach the end.

The lawyer also mentioned how, unfortunate it is that the people who fund these industries are also the people who run the country and have control on the standard of what is acceptable. Environmentalists, who have lower funding and who would also put a much stricter guidelines on these issues, have no control. Big industries couldn’t care less on the few lives that they may sacrifice (such as my son Yousuf) at the cost of millions and millions. At this point you could see the thick tears lining my bottom eyelid. I struggled to maintain my composure and from keeping myself from slamming my hands on the larger oval wooden table and screaming.

Please make du’a (prayers) that we have a case, win the case and make a difference somehow to save anymore families from this trial. Again, if you live near the Brio Superfund Site (Dixie Farm Road/ Beamer/ Scarsdale area) or know of someone please contact me.


  1. Wow alhamdulilah I'm so glad that the lawyer is going to take it seriously and see if there's a link! Allahu Akbar. You go girl!!!

  2. Thank you! Yeah, he seemed passionate about the subject, alhamdulilah! He was also saying how the mistake at Brio is like letting the genie out of its matter how much you "treat" the area there's no getting those toxic chemicals really and totally taken care of.

  3. May Allah make it easy and grant you success!