Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Fine Print

Have you ever seen one of those commercials advertising a medicine and after explaining the one ailment it cures or treats it takes double the time after that to explain the possible side effects? They continue with a whole new list of ailments until you say to yourself, "What was this supposed to treat again?" And then you're supposed to say what? "Oh YEAH! Well, at least I don't have an ear ache anymore!"

It reminds me when I was a kid (and I don't mean to tell on my brother) but I would have a cramp in my leg or would have just stubbed my toe -for example- and he would tell me, "I know how to make it stop hurting! How about I punch you in your arm?" is that gonna make it stop hurting? "Because the pain from hitting you will be more and that way you will forget about your toe hurting!" That's just replacing one pain for another. I guess that's what chemo-therapy is.

Yousuf has been pretty sick the past several days, only being slightly better today. Still a lot of pain in his arms, legs and feet. The picture of Lightening Mc Queen, on his pillow case, is camouflaged by tiny golden hairs. The side of his head Yousuf sleeps on the most is completely bald now. He had a bad case of diarrhea that caused him to soil his pants a few times. Any small disagreement usually leads to a pale skinned little boy to turn an array of different colors. All you hear are the sounds of grinding teeth and constant growls. As soon as I open my mouth to come up with a solution the growls become louder. All the while, little Yousuf agrees to lay in my arms. His show of hatred for me lays in something deeper and he knows that. He's confused, scared, in pain, and doesn't know why. I don't want to topple all of that with guilt for his ruthless behavior.

The other day when I took Yousuf to assist him in the bathroom he said to me, "Mama, just me and you. We're a team!"

I will keep that in mind while we continue to experience the "fine print" of side effects on all those medicine bottles he's taking on the only ONE (but deadly) ailment he has. Combating the "fine print", with a source, with which you never see any list of side effects (except positive ones): Diet and nutrition.


  1. Assaalamulaikum Wahrahmatallahi Wabrakatuhu
    I was just researching into an article I am writing on tests and came across your blog which touched me deeply subhanallah. Shaykh Baysouni was one of my teachers at Arees mashallah. Do I have permission to use you as an example of the way in which the human spirit is enobled through tests? Alot has been written about the wisdoms behind tests but less on how the human spirit can be fortified and how they can suddenly find the strength to do things that ordinarily they would not do. I am delighted to hear that your challenge to Dr Seuss was successful mashallah. It takes one person to have the courage to speak out, may Allah azzawajaal reward you in duniyah and akirah. I am particularly touched by your story as my beloved sister in law was diagnosed with leukemia four months ago. She was pregnant and had to abort the pregnancy. She has three young children. Her husband is trying to hold it together but is finding the strain had to bear subhanallah. Interestingly, despite her physical pain, she has remained focused on her relationship with Allah azzawajaal and this is carrying her through subhanallah. I beseech Allah azzawjaal to grant shifa to Yusuf and my sister in law and all those suffering in our Ummah and I pray we can develop the fortitude and patience to be content with whatever His decree is. I ask Allah azzawajaal to forgive my errors. Your sister who loves you feesabillah. Fahmeeda Gill( Umm Ismail)
    All my duas and deep respect

  2. Dear Anonymous, Assalamu 'alaykum,

    I'm really sorry to hear about your sister in law's leukemia. If its alright, please could I recommend the book called LIVING FOODS FOR HEALTH by Dr. Gillian McKeith (specifically the chap. on Blue Green Algae) and the Book called 100% HEALTH by Patrick Holford. Umm Yousuf is reading from these books too alhamdulillaah. They are really really good books and will help your sister in law alot and alot insha' Allaah. Please get them for her!

    May Allaah give her shifaa along with Yousuf, and make it easy for u all. Our du'aas are with u

  3. walaykum salaam mashallah jazakalallah khairun, I will try to get the books inshallah, May Allah azzawajaal reward you for your nasiyyah.
    all my duas
    Umm Ismail

  4. ASAK sister AISHA! jk i'll look into that book too.. my son of 8 has been diagnosed with leukemia just over a momonth ago.. MAY ALLAH SWT GRANT FULL HEALTH TO YOUSUF, ANON SIS IN LAW AND MY SON HISHAAM.. AS WELL ANYONE ELSE IN THIS POSITION.. AMEEN!!!

  5. Dear Rifat, wa'alaykum assalam wr wb. Ameen to ur duaas. Yes pls look into it sis. I promise u that the books are very helpful and beneficial - and will really really help. If u can't get the LIVING FOODS FOR HEALTH book straight away, then I have posted the chapter on blue green algae on almaghrib forums. Pls read it there (also includes the amazing story of two patients who successfully fought their leukemia and how).

    Take care, may Allaah's special help, guidance, mercy, comfort and blessings be with every one of u, every step of your way.

  6. Assalaamu alaykum Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    A few things that might be of interest to you:

    Dr. Max Gerson's 1958 boo, A Cancer therapy - results of fifty cases.

    I recently attended Canada's largest show case of natural health, alternative medicine and green living. To my pleasant surprise this lecture,
    was presented a muslim homeopath. I hope you find something useful somewhere in there, insha Allah.

    your sister in Islam,

    Umm Nusmua