Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Next Day after Diagnosis

Usually a day starts by when a person wakes up, but this day I had not slept since in the middle of the night maybe in 10-15 minute intervals. As soon as Abu Yousuf came in the morning I left to go home and freshen up. I had not washed my face, brushed my teeth or even remove my hijab since the previous morning. I went home and rushed back, alhamdulilah with a lot more energy than when I left. I noticed that though I did have a few times I shed a few tears before I left that morning I did not start the deep crying until I left Yousuf's hospital room...even waiting for my car in valet I had to hold back bursting out loud. My stay-strong-for-Yousuf-switch turned off at that point and I started to believe that maybe I will not wake up from all of this.

This day was full of a lot of different terms I was not familiar with, many doctors in and out of the hospital room, and more finger pricking and blood transfusions. The lack of sleep was getting to me and just tried to constantly catch up with what was going on. Yousuf was wondering when we were going home but he started to relax a tiiiiiny bit.

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