Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to the ER

Ever since Yousuf's surgeries he has not been the same as before his surgery. I almost said back to normal but I don't know when to ever expect that. I called the oncologist on call and told her his symptoms. She told me to bring him into the ER and get him checked. I thought for sure his blood was still low since it dropped after the surgeries. He was very weak to the point he could not walk without my assistance. I had to get up several times in the night to take him to the bathroom with the both of us half asleep. Yousuf had sweaty palms and forehead but shivering from being cold. No fever. I knew to trust Yousuf and my instincts this time and just take him in.

Many doctors and nurses surrounded us in the ER room discussing symptoms, details on his procedures and the child life specialist entertaining him with Thomas the Train books. They weren't sure if his port-o-cath had been accessed yet so without OR doing it themselves first ER cannot. I didn't know the answer to that as I didn't know that was a question to even ask. They couldn't wait to confirm with the surgeons so inserting another needle and running an I.V. was the only option.

Omar was driving us nuts in the ER. He was hungry and were all of us. After checking his blood, and taking X-rays the doctor came to tell us the news. She came and told us that his blood levels were good, both his hemoglobin and platelets as well as his white blood cells. The doctor was talking in a way that we knew there was a "but" at the end. So we nodded our heads anxiously waiting to here it. "...But the level of enzymes in his liver was not good." She went on to say that it is normal with one of the medications he takes to cause the enzymes to act up like this causing an infection but they still don't know if it is that or some other infection. The antibiotics were already administered. They gave Yousuf morphine for pain from the surgeries, too. They admitted him and gave him a room and will be watched and on antibiotics in the hospital for a couple days. I'm home now with Omar while Abu Yousuf stayed with him. I keep glancing over to the empty spot on the couch where Yousuf has been resting the past couple days. He forgot his new cape that says "Super Yousuf" on it. I'm sad knowing that the spot isn't empty because he is upstairs asleep in his bed but rather back in the hospital returning to torture once again.


  1. Asalamu alaikom Umm Yousuf,

    I would like to say on behalf of Qabeelat Nasr that WE LOVE YOU All for the sake of Allah, and constantly make duah for young Yousuf, MashAllah you raised such a son at this age going through a calamity today is a blessing at the Heart Serene course, we learened that the STRONGER YOUR DEEN and Iman THE HARDER the trial you are faced with is, and the stronger faith u have in allah and tawaqul he will put u through tests remmemebr "Allah doesnt place a burden on a soul that he cannot pass" We also learned how when ALLAH LOVES a soul he puts him through difficulty in this life, so that he may not feel it in the here after SUBhanallah allah loves u soo!

    I AM ALWAYS thinking about u and ur family, we love u soo dearly! may this be ur ticket to the HIGHEST level of Janannah InshAllah
    Take care

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Umm Yousuf

    I hope you have been able to find some rest today. I can not imagine it is easy with all that is going on.

    I am sure Yousuf looks really cute in his cape. I pray he is back home running around in it very soon.

    Take care sis,

    Your sister in Islam


  3. Asalaamu alaikum sister,

    May Allah grant Yousuf a speedy recovery. I also have a child about his age and can only imagine what you must be going through. My heart goes out to you.

  4. Ya Allah! Rabenna ma3aki ya ukht. Nad300 lakee wa le 2aba Yousuf. allah ye3eenku!