Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cancer of Syria

This one little special boy of mine caught cancer, an invasion of bad cells in his young fragile body. One bad cell that went wrong could have ended his life, just as many have gone through and some have not made it. We cry over those children, we donate for research to help find a cure for those children. Case studies and experimental treatments were all designed to increase the chances of survival. Many many organizations and foundations were created and specifically engineered for children in need of support who travel down the roads of treatments, hospitalizations, and procedures . While I am honored to be served and supported by many, I think about another boy just like Yousuf in Syria, who just watched his family die before his eyes. Where is his child life specialist to hold his hand? Where are all the doctors to fight back the invasion of diseased tyrannical rulers? The pain medications to sooth the wounded hearted following the slaughter of a family member or even an entire family? My child gets to pick a toy from a treasure chest after a needle injection due to the fear and sharp pain. What about the child, who didn’t choose where he was born in the world, but has to choose where he is safest to hide, where he might or might not survive at all. What about that child? What about those families? Who will make their wish, give them a retreat, or fill their hearts with hope? Oppressive Leaders are just like cancer, they destroy our brothers and sisters of humanity. They spread their diseased hearts among their regime and get stronger the larger they get. There is not one right way to fight them or cure to prevent them, but they exist. They kill and they kill until their invasion is complete.

We can’t just sit back and wait for the world to heal itself. We have to make an effort to “fight back” help support, and be there for that scared innocent child, or that mother or father who means the world to that child, the aunt or uncle that is all they have left, or the one individual that is left all alone. What if we left cancer to defeat itself over time? Left the sick to just die? Where would our world be right now? What would our hearts look like? Instead the journey of cancer and its treatments has opened new worlds filled of people who have opened their hands, hearts and minds. It changes far more than just the one afflicted. Maybe the only effort I can make is small but if a simple smile and kind word can sooth my son through shots and drugs then I will take my chance. Spreading love and kindness is the only way to counteract the spread of hate, even if we can only help one heart at a time. Have you asked yourself what can I do to help?

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