Saturday, July 23, 2011

Medicine Mix-up

Despite it being over two years of Yousuf taking medicine, mistakes still happen. I’m pretty much on target when it comes to which pill on which days, which week he has his chemo vs. his blood counts, but I made a huge mistake the other day. While sprinkling crushed steroid on top of a spoonful of applesauce, I had company that I was visiting with. While I was standing in the kitchen, holding the spoonful of medicine, chit chatting away Omar came in front of me and opened his mouth wide. Yes, I stuck the whole thing in his mouth. I immediately picked him up, held him over the sink squeezing his mouth screaming to spit it out. He did manage to spit out some, but I instinctively stuck my finger down his throat to throw up the rest. After I finished gagging him I paged the oncologist on call right away. I was consoling poor Omar while waiting for the return call, only wondering if what I did was good enough or we would be taking a trip to the ER.

Alhamdulilah, they returned the call pretty quickly and said it was even alright if he had swallowed the entire dose. It was also okay if Yousuf had missed his dose because of that. Deep breath in…and out Alhamdulilah. Lesson learned. Future caution will be taken.

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  1. Dear sister, Alhamdulillah everything was alright. I happened to come across this blog and want you to know how I admire your courage and strength in the face of this test. You are a gem, a true inspiration, and even when you feel you are in the midst of the greatest turmoil, remember that you are not alone. InshaAllah this too will come to pass and you and your son may be able to share years from now how this phase of life brought your family and community together. Allah is always there for us. Stay strong. Sincerely, your sister from florida.