Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Prickling Singer

Have you heard anything that could drown out the powerful voice of an opera singer? I have. Today during Yousuf’s blood check the cancer kids were visited by a Houston Opera House singer. I was mesmerized as this woman came and sat down with all the children on the 14th floor. They sat in their chairs surrounding her in a circle. She sang about red. She sang about blue, orange and yellow. I never thought that the colors of the rainbow could make my lip quiver like that. It wasn’t just the amazing voice without instruments or back ground music. It wasn’t just the echoing of her voice so loud it ricocheted all through the halls on the floor but that this amazing woman came to sing to my child. She came to make a struggling family smile.

As usual the buzzer went off notifying us that is was Yousuf’s turn. His dad tapped on his shoulder and pulled him away from the circle. He left with ease and quite calmly. I couldn’t hear what he was asking but, from experience, I’m sure he was asking whether it was the “finger” one or the “port” one. I have to admit that as I had to prepare to give blood with a finger prick, I cringed internally right before. It’s something about the anticipation of pain that is more stressful than the pain itself. I continued watching the lady interact with the kids so enthusiastically in rhythm and in beat. I winced as I heard Yousuf waling, as if trying to give some background music to the lady’s performance. I felt tears start to come but instead just thought to myself, jokingly, that perhaps they came to look for future performers. After all, what better place to look in than that of a place who exercises kids lungs the most.

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