Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yousuf's view on cancer

Yousuf’s interview after one year of cancer (And right after a spinal tap)

1. It’s been a year that you have had cancer and treatment, how do you feel? “Good!” (And this is not even an hour after waking up from a spinal tap).
2. What did you like better? Life before or after Cancer? “After”
3. What’s your favorite part of going to the hospital? “Toys!”
4. What do you hate most about going to the hospital? “Having a port-o-cath”
5. Do you have any friends at the hospital? “The girl who always talks to me.” (The child life specialist).
6. Does it hurt to have cancer? “Yes”
7. What hurts the most? “Pricking the finger”
8. Why do you take medicine every day? “To help my blood.”
9. Was it hard when you didn’t have hair? “No.”
10. Did you like being bald? “Yes, umm no.”
11. How did mama make it easier for you this year of having cancer? “I sit on her lap, she tickles me and Omar and she is good to me.”
12. What was your favorite toy you got during this time? “Batman toy that baba got me!” (I think he is living in the now…he is playing with it right now)
13. If there was anything you could have in the world what would it be? “People to always be nice.”
14. What things did baba do to help you through having cancer? “He helped me to stand up; he would bring me food and give me toys.”
15. Is there anything scarier than a needle? Yes! Star Wars bad guys and bugs.
16. What’s worse? Having cancer or a broken arm? “Cancer.”
17. If cancer was an animal what would it be? “A Lion. They are strong.”
18. What do you do when you’re sad in order to make you happy? Play with legos, star wars toys, or Omar.
19. What do you think about doctors? “They help me. Can you stop asking me questions now, mama?” …One more question.
20. If you could help another kid with cancer what would you do? “Help during the port-o-cath access and share my teddy bear with him.” (The teddy bear which has the port-o-cath that he plays with and practices with).


  1. Thank you Yousuf,I'm so proud of you.

  2. oh m'A... just like Hishaam... so matter of fact.. our kids are soooooo brave.. Subhaan'Allah!

  3. Ramadhan Mubarak sis.. last year Hishaam kept his very first fast and i was sooo proud of him Subhaan'Allah..little did I know then that the leukemia had probably already reared it's ugly little head in his innocent body.. This year I hope and pray that Ramadhan brings peace and tranquility to all our lives and keeps children like ours healthy and strong, and that they grow up to be strong muslims and human beings insha'Allah.. Ameen!