Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Abdul 'Aziz

Across the sky bridge, in the building next to us in the hospital where we have our doctor’s visits, was a little boy laying in the intensive care unit for about a week. Abu Yousuf and I came across his father once while roaming on the 3rd floor, in the food court, while waiting for Yousuf to be released from the operating room after a spinal tap.

The family had not been here long from Saudi Arabia, and from a town which shared memories with Abu Yousuf and his father. A wonderful coincidence that he knew them but not so pleasant to be reunited under such circumstances. They shared something else in common with us, a boy, a son suffering from leukemia as well. Not much needs to be said. There is always an unspoken communication of sympathy advertised in our smiles, handshakes and glances, among the same victims. A mutual understanding and pain from experience, provides support like none other can.

A very generous man and family striving for, what many of us take for granted in our children: health. After a bone marrow transplant and many many sleepless nights in a country, a place far from home, little Abdul Aziz passed away in his sleep. A thirteen year old boy, struggling from the same vicious disease. A home that was stabilized to last a few years during treatment suddenly got turned upside down and rushed to be emptied. The family, of little Abdul Aziz, was making way to get back home for his burial. While under a plethora of grievances, this family had to focus on shifting their life back home, within just 24 hours. While movers came to pack away a fully furnished home, younger siblings cried while watching their deceased brother’s items being hauled away. Feeling misplaced in a world, unsure how to experience now with one member missing, they had to carry on.

During their short stay, in America, and only being reunited with Abu Yousuf once or twice, Abdul Aziz’s family made a very generous donation to help improve our new masjid in Clear Lake, and also dedicated many of his belongings to the community and Muslims in need, in the Houston area. So let us all make du’a (prayers) for a special family to facilitate strength through this experience, higher levels in Jannah (heaven) by enduring such a test, and patience through remembrance of Allah.

This family of this special little boy, Abdul Aziz, is extraordinary for all us. A reminder of and when we say, “Inna lilaahi wa inna ilyahi raaji’oon” (Verily, to Allah we belong and to Him we return).


  1. oh sister. what a sad story. i will make du'a for the family of Abdul Aziz IA.
    sister, we had some good news with Hishaam 15 bone marrow showed promising results (5%) and chromosomal abnormality was a 'good one' if you can say that about an abnormality..! still got the worry about day 29 marrow so keep me us in your du'a sister, and i will of course do likewise.. xx

  2. Assalamu Alaikum dear sweet sister: I have been trying to write this for five whole minutes but couldn't stop crying long enough to tap out the words. What befell us would never have passed us by and what passes us by would never have befallen us. SubhanAllah. It wasn't leukemia that killed him, Allah took him and that was the method he decreed. I could die while typing this and very sick people could outlive me and my grandchildren. Your writing is so beautiful and my prayers hold many duas for you and this family as well. Inshaallah we will see you soon and until then, many virtual hugs and heartfelt salams. Assalamu Alaikum, Sister Mumina

  3. La ilaha illah Allah. I have glad tidings to this family that Allah (SWT) has ordered his angels to build a house for this family and to name it "Baytul Hamd" The house of gratitude, because of the patience involved with losing a son. Insha'allah they will also experience another blessing. I was just listening to a dars on losing a son and the virtues of it and a hadith was mentioned that (Im paraphrasing here)

    there was one sahabi who loved the prophet very much and would always be with him. He had one son (his only son) who would always be with him and play around in the masjid. The prophet (S) asked him one day an interesting question. He asked, "do you love him?" and the man had an even stranger reply. He said, "May Allah love you as I love him."

    Subhanallah, some time passed and this sahabi stopped coming to the prophet (S) or showing up and no one saw him. The prophet (S) finally asked about him and he was informed that this man's son had died and he (the sahabi) had refrained from coming out of his home. So the prophet (S) went to visit this man immediately and told him, "Would you rather that this son had lived with you in this dunya and you enjoyed his presence or that you go on the day of judgement and find him waiting for you in front of all the 8 gates of jannah and you enter from whichever you please?

    So this man without hesitation said, "Rather, that he wait for me in front of the 8 gates of jannah."

    The prophet (S) immediately got a wahi from allah and told the man, "That is for you." Immediately the sahabah that were around the Blessed Prophet (S) saw an oppurtunity and asked, "Is this specifically for him or for all of us?"

    And the prophet (salla allahu alaihi wa sallam said: it is for all of you.

  4. :`( inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

    may Allah gave them strength and sabr and make this a means of a higher rank in Paradise. ameen.

    may Allah love them and love us.