Friday, October 30, 2009


I just spent two hours hearing how much Yousuf hates just about every single thing in this big as this house to a dot on the wall. He made it clear that he doesn't like anything. Even when taking a bath he just sat there complaining about every single thing. In just one day I have seen a big change in his behavior. Each time taking his medicine he feels sick from the taste. This is just day one and two. I have eight weeks to go. You know what hurts the most? I'm the one making him sick. I know it's the medicine but I still give it to him night and day JUST to make him sick on purpose. It breaks my heart.

After saying nothing to his many complaints about the world around him (including me) I just put him to bed and and kissed him good night. I spent the time cleaning up the many dishes, crying, feeling like the wolf in sheeps clothing. Even though I spent a long time preparing a few dishes hoping that Yousuf will willingly eat at least one, I'm still the bad guy. I'm constantly trying to find creative ways to hide extra healthy stuff here and there.

I'm already missing my sweet little Yousuf who usually smiles at me before bed and asks me to cuddle him for a while.

I'm going to keep track of his behavior, health and physical look on an almost daily basis now to see each transformation (if any)during this rough phase.

Day one: (Methotrexate twice daily) Irritable, thin and slightly red tired eyes (even from the morning), Appetite normal.

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  1. salaam ! This is Hishaam's mum again.. finally i've logged in properly, so now you know my name lol.. yes i'm from the uk.. H has an appetite of a horse at the moment.. !! and the temper, well less said the better ;-). Got the DAY FIFTEEN bone marrow this week so please keep us in your du'a sister! hope IA Yousuf ok xx